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4 cm Tape - Order your preferred colour in different roll sizes











The line post insulator #8wh, 8gr, 8br. One per post per strand is needed.

Made out of flexible plastic and designed to protect the tape from unnecessary wear, the line post insulators can be screwed into wood posts, strapped to iron posts, or slid over fibreglass fence stakes. As with all of the StockGuard parts, the insulators have been designed exclusively for StockGuard tape.



Available only in brown, the tensioner should be installed at your start and end points, at cross sections, corners, and at each side of your gates.

Add a #36T buckle in order to create a 3 way tensioner






The gate handle #11 has a spring load on one end that connects to the tape, and a hook that is used to attach the #36W tensioner on your gate post. The insulated Gate Handle #11 allows you to have access into your pasture without turning your fence off.

However, remember that when your gate handle is unhooked, parts of your fence will be temporarily disabled until you reattach it.

A Basic Paddock Layout


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