Designed to Protect your Horse from Hazardous Fences

There is a variety of fencing material available on the market. Materials such as wire and mesh less than 3.8cm wide are very difficult for the horse to see. This makes them less reliable as a visual barrier. As a physical barrier many of the options can be quite dangerous to the horse.
Some fencing offers the horse the opportunity to develop bad habits such as chewing or wind sucking.












When a horse respects his fence, he won't touch it.


   This sharp point on barbed wire is intended to penetrate the skin and discourage an animal from contact with the fence.





   The shock from an electric fence is less dangerous and more effective at discouraging the horse from coming close to the fence.


With the electrified StockGuard fence tape, the horse has only a memory of pain and a lifelong respect of the enclosure limits.

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