Designed to Reduce Wind Resistance

StockGuard recommends usually to set the posts at a maximum of 5 metres apart. This means fewer attachment locations, but more vulnerability to the wind. In windy areas the spacing of the posts will usually need to be closer.






250 metres of tape represents the surface of a 9 metre square sail, which is a lot on a windy day.








The combination of open weave and thickness of StockGuard tape (much thicker than other brands) allows the wind to pass through the weaving.

Fence tape that flaps in the wind will result in faster wear on the fence. Do not twist the tape to keep it from flapping in the wind.

The more you stretch the tape using our tensioners #36W, the more the tape resists to the push of violent winds, those pushes creating a repetitive mechanic friction, ending up destroying the stainless steel filaments that ensure the continuity of the electric flow.

The StockGuard insulators will block the tape preventing it from wiggling in them, and thus avoiding wear and tear of the tape.









This picture (1-second exposure) taken in a 65 kilometre per hour wind shows the StockGuard tape holding steady (above) and a poor quality brand tape flapping below.



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