Electrical connections

To avoid poor contact, rust, sparks, power leakage and all sorts of problems, StockGuard recommends the use of this type of connection only.

The double-insulated High tension cable #28M





The #28M cable is 20 000 volts resistant, it is double insulated, it connects the charger to the fence.

If the distance from the charger to the fence is more than 1.5m long use the #28M High Tension cable + a #59G connector.


Connector #59G

Make the connection using the connectors #59G, that you will crimp onto the end of the #28M cable.

By hooking the top part of the #59G onto the buckle of the #36V you will create a perfect contact with no power leakage and no bad contact spots that could generate sparks and damage the tape.

Want to do all your high tension connections yourself ? Order a Crimper kit.

Inter Connector Wire F59H


This transfers the power from one tape run to the next one.

The connectors included at each end of the 59H are attached onto the buckles of the F36V tensioners to ensure a solid electrical contact.  






Fence Charger Connector Wire F59L

It carries the electric current from the charger to the tape.



An illustration on how to open the tape gate #11


How to attach the tape to the insulated gate handle

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