Electrical connections: The Toggle # TOG 52B

Toggle ensures the efficiency of your electric fence even in difficult grounding situations! 

The toggle comes with a lightning diverter and its own ground rod.

It is adjustable to suit any energizer: just increase or decrease the gap between the 2 brass tips until the elimination of the sparks between them. The lightning will jump the gap in the divertor and finds the fastest route to the ground.

Diverters can also be installed any where on the fence without the toggle. Our #DIV 53A come with its own ground rod.

How to install the cables connections at the charger
Connect the top strand to the (+) of the charger.

To turn the fence on / off
Install a switch that you connect to the toggle!
The Toggle is not a switch it is a connector.
Connect the middle strand to the (-) of the charger.
Make sure your ground rod is connected to the negative terminal.
At no place should the positive tape and the negative tape be interconnected.
At the post where the toggle is:
a) Connect to toggle brown cable 1 to the top strand
b) Connect the long #59H cable 2 from the top strand to the bottom strand.
c) Connect the Toggle's green cable 3 to the middle strand.
Connect the diverter's ground cable to its own-ground rod. Lightning diverters do not arrest or stop the flow of current from a lightning strike. When properly installed, they offer a quicker way to the ground. For the best protection, unplug the charger and disconnect it from the fence before severe storms.


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