How Does It Work ?

StockGuard Fencing is a Visual, Mental and Physical Barrier

The tape is electrified, similar to the well known farmers "hot wire" but in contrast with the thin "hot wire", the tape is large and visible to livestock. The electric fence tape is powered by an energiser, which produces constant current pulses. The higher the energy (Joule-value) of the energiser, the stronger the delivered pulse.

Like an electric plug there are always 2 lines:

When the animal, having his hooves on the ground (as he is not a bird) touches the tape, he connects himself for a fraction of a second.

Reaction of a horse:

The horse will be curious about the tape. When he carefully investigates the tape with his nose (like horses do to investigate something new) he feels a violent shock at the tip of his nose, or at the frog, or throughout his entire body. If the impact comes from a powerful charger and the fence tape is correctly installed, it feels like a whack from a baseball bat. After that painful experience the horse will respect that barrier.

Thereafter when the fence is electrified, the horse will remember and resist the temptation of the greener grass and other potential dangers on the other side of the tape.

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