Other Fencing Products

Adjusta Ties

The Adjusta-Tie is very easy to use and re-use and has many applications around your farm and home. It provides a flexible fastening option when you need to rapidly set up an electric fencing installation.

How do they work?

To create a strong tie, simply insert the end of the tie into the slot and push in as far as required to create support.

It is held in place by a series of one-way click stops which prevent it from releasing by itself. To release the Tie, just press down on the little lever with your thumb, and withdraw the free end.

You can now re-use the Adjusta-Tie somewhere else.

Long-life Recycled Plastic Posts

Australian manufactured from recycled waste plastic material - these Longlife posts are a good environmental farmers choice.
The Longlife Posts are made from waste plastic that is sorted graded and blended with UV stabilizers. This closely controlled recycling and manufacturing process ensures the posts are robust, flexible and can last for years. So now you can help clean up the environment without using our precious hardwood for fencing.

These recycled posts have some fantastic features, including:




WoodShield timber fencing posts and rails have superior strength and rigidity combined with the protective properties, toughness and lifespan of polyethylene.  Perfect for use with 40mm StockGuard electric fence tape.

Contact Ashleigh Davidson at WoodShield and mention StockGuard to discuss how these combined products will work for you.




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