Sample Costs

Please be assured that with StockGuard you are buying a great quality product that provides a very cost effective way to safely contain your horses.

With a 25 year guarantee on the superior quality electric fence tape combined with over 50 years' experience in the industry we are concerned with the importance of your horses health, safety and wellbeing in addition to the benefits of using reliable, long-lasting fencing.

Feel free to have a look at our sample costs to give you a rough idea of pricing, however for a more accurate costing the best way for us to assist you is to send us your details and we will then contact you with a personalised, itemised quote.  Please click here to go to our enquiry page.

The examples below illustrate a paddock (approximately 75m x 50m) fenced with 2 runs of StockGuard tape and associated components and an arena (approximately 80m x 40m) with two tape runs and one gateway.

Please note that posts and energiser (where necessary) are not included in the costs estimate.


Click here to see example of paddock layout used to determine costing - paddockplan

Click here to see an example costing of approximately one acre paddock with two tape runs - paddockcosts


Click here to see example of arena (based on 80m x 40m arena with two tape runs and one gateway)  sample costs - arenacosts

StockGuard Electric Fence Trial kit

Alternatively, take the challenge and see for yourself with the StockGuard electric fence trial kit.

For only $190.00 this is a great opportunity for you to make the switch to StockGuard.


    Delivered direct to your door you receive:

    - 100 metre roll of StockGuard fence tape

    - 4 tensioners (start/end point)

    - 20 insulators (with wood screws)

    - 1 cable to connect your energiser to the fence

    - 1 connecting cable between 2 tape runs (if required)

    - 1 pair tape scissors

    - 1 pipekey

    - 1 electric fence warning sign

    - 1 StockGuard Fencing Guide

    Click here to go to our enquiry page to place your order.






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