StockGuard Fences are a Physical Barrier



A very popular circus had their winter camp close to our ranch. As circus people are always looking for new ideas, they tried to fence their elephants with StockGuard tape.The owner, watching his « babies » grazing like horses, looked at me with tears in his eyes and said : ‘‘Oh sir ! I am deeply moved to see them moving around freely in this small pasture, playing with this water tank. I wish you’d invented your fence system 40 years ago. Can you imagine… without this fencing, we have always had to hobble them with chains, 23 hours a day !’’



Tough fence for tough customers!



Since StockGuardFence tape is resistant to over 300 kilograms of pressure, it might break with the strong pressure of a horse moving rapidly into it, or somehow entangled and struggling in it. Not setting the tape too close to the ground is highly recommended.

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