The line post insulators - F8NM, F8NV, F8WH

Our insulator tightens the tape without damaging it.


To resist perfectly the mechanical friction due to the force of the wind, the electric tape must sit firmly in the insulator.  Tightly blocked between the rounded edges that will protect the stainless steel threads from being damaged after a few months...

The design of the F8 was inspired by the tuning peg that tightens the strings on a violin.

The StockGuard insulator F8 is easy and fast to install.  Just turn the 2 pegs and the tape will be secured into place.

Be aware of some insulators designs that can pinch the tape and cut it over time and your horses will know before you that the zapping has become very weak!

The F8 insulator adapts to a variety of fence post types















Attach it on a pipe post with wire, or straps.

Attach it onto a wooden post with 1 screw at each end (diagonally opposing corners).

In case you need extra screwing pegs, or if you wish the insulator to sit flush for example in an arena, order a wheel of 14 rounded ones that can be put in with a coin.



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