What is StockGuard made of ?

The 4 cm traditional electric tape is made of 10 wires in 30% thicker stainless steel (0.016 inches), no copper oxydation, 29 totally UV resistant polyethylene threads (0.020 inches) and 2 stout bumpers (0.04 inches) at the tape edges that have been added for cut protection and no elongation, making it a stiffer tape (unlike some other brands electric tapes) to increase effectiveness and protect against wear.



















On top is a cheap tape of low quality that won't last long, with wires as thin as a hair that will get cut easily resulting in a loss of power.

These wires of .1mm diameter have been proven to get cut after 6 sparks on our torture test stainless steel machine.










Below a StockGuard tape made of wires of 0.4 millimetre diameter has been proven to have a resistance up to 17517 sparks.

Our torture test machine consists of 3 fence chargers working in tandem at triple speed to give 3 pulses/second.

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