Frequently asked Questions

Q: Why use StockGuard electric fencing instead of barbed wire?
A: StockGuard electric fencing is cost-effective, portable and easy to setup and maintain. StockGuard offers a high visibility fencing solution that is both a strong physical barrier and a highly effective electric fence. Traditional barbed wire fences are easily damaged by livestock and can cause serious injuries to animals. Because animals are often reluctant to come into contact with the electric tape, it should also last longer. For more information take a look at our animal fencing comparison.

Q: Is StockGuard electric fencing safe for humans?
A: If you come into contact with the fencing tape you will receive a strong shock. For most people this will not leave a lasting impact, however extra caution should be used if small children or people with a heart condition are likely to come into contact with the electric fence. We recommend that you place visible warning signs at regular intervals along the fence.

Q: Is StockGuard electric fencing safe for my livestock?
A: The pain that the animal feels is short-lived and does not cause a lasting impact. In comparison, traditional barbed wire fencing can cause severe cuts and long-lasting pain. The electric fencing tape has successfully been used with smaller animals such as dogs.

Q: Is the fence breakable? How easy is it to repair?
A StockGuard electric fencing tape is strong enough to resist breaking if frightened livestock attempt to push through the fencing. However, unlike traditional fencing wire, the tape will stretch or break before causing injury to livestock. Any such gap can be quickly and easily repaired with a splicing buckle.

Q: How long will my electric fence last?
A: If properly installed and maintained StockGuard electric fencing should last for up to 25 years or more. Some of our fencing products purchased in 1985 are still being used by customers around the world. Our current electric fencing tape has been significantly strengthened since that period.

Q: Can you suggest some Australian Manufacturers of complementary products?
A: StockGuard can recommend these companies for your additional fencing needs:
Sureguard Energizers - manufactured and distributed by Power Innovations
Tel: 02 6622 5875