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Security, safety and reliability are essential when it comes to horse fencing and this will be paramount in providing my practical advice.

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  • Winter time rugs and escapee ponies - how to fix the problem
  • Photos of electric fence installation using concealed star pickets /iron posts
  • Earthing / Grounding your electric fence
  • Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance .......
  • Iron post (star pickets) fence covers

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Winter time rugs and escapee ponies - how to fix the problem

Now that the cooler months are upon us and your ponies and horses are rugged up, do you have problems with escapees?

The Fence Doctor has a couple of tricks to help with their safe containment:

1) Make sure you have the correct spacings for your tape runs - most horses respect two runs of tape.  Mares and foals (and your miniatures) will require three tape runs - click here for advice on tape spacings.

2) A simple but effective way to discourage escaping through the fence when wearing a rug is to sew a piece of StockGuard electric fence tape to the inside of their rug.  Make sure you tuck the ends under so that the electric wires are not able to scratch, annoy or hurt them.  You can also fix a piece around their hood and if necessary, for super Houdini's, let a piece of fence tape hang just under their throat so everytime they look for that chance to escape through the fence it serves as a reminder that it has become a no-go zone.

This can be done as a temporary deterrent, once they've realised that even with a rug on the fence is a permanent fixture to be respected you can remove the tape from their rugs (just remember not to do it right in front of them).

With thanks to Funny Horse Cartoons for the image.
Check out www.funnyhorsecartoons.com for more horse antics


Cover your star pickets to reduce risk of fence injury

Click here to see a great example of a StockGuard electric fence installation using star pickets covered with high pressure polypipe and the green cap to complete the picture.


Earthing / Grounding your electric fence

If your horse is not respecting your traditional electric fence, the majority of times the cause is due to poor grounding or inadequate earthing.  The electric current must complete a full circuit back to the charger through the ground.  Poor grounding gives weak shocks and makes your fence ineffective.

The Fence Doctor recommends:

  • Installing the earth/grounding system as close to the energiser as possible.
  • Ensure the earth/ground stakes are connected to the negative terminal of the energiser with thick wire (may require placement in suitable ground and/or two to five rods connected in series with the thick wire).
  • Make sure the earth/ground stakes are at least 10 metres away from any other mains supply earth, power poles, buried water lines, and other underground utilities such as telephone or power cables.

How do you know if your grounding is sufficient?

Simply touch the ground rod.  If you feel a tingle this means you need to increase the number of ground rods.


Following on the same lines, here is a link to an interesting article on “stray voltage” on electric fences:



Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance .........

The Fence Doctor cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly maintain your fence - don't take shortcuts and jeopardise the integrity of your StockGuard Fence.

To assist with your regular fence maintenance and those unforeseen immediate fixes grab yourself a StockGuard Maintenance Kit which comes complete in a handy, tough, portable bag that you can carry with you or throw on the back of the quad bike.



Iron post fence covers

Whilst I don’t like iron posts, we all have them, so I have identified a practical modification that provides me with some comfort in recommending this solution.  I believe this is also a safer alternative than using stand-offs.

If you purchase 2 inch high pressure green striped poly pipe from your local irrigation specialist you can cut lengths accordingly to place over your iron post, providing total cover for the entire length of the iron post, plus you can fit a cap at the top to complete the modification.

By using a StockGuard F16V you can screw this attachment directly into the plastic providing an easy and safe attachment for your 40mm electric tape.

As you can see from this photo this provides a clean and visually effective barrier that complements both brown and green 40mm fence tape.  The cost of doing this is approximately $2 per post plus fittings (length of iron post to ground and including cap).

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact us.












The information provided on these pages is intended for general information. StockGuard Electric Fencing and Aussie Fence Doctor are not responsible for the interpretation and use of these tips and strategies. You should use your own judgement when assessing what is right for your situation.



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