Horse Fencing Options


When planning your StockGuard Electric Fence, there are a number of decisions that need to be made:

  • How many tape runs shall I use?

  • What spacing will I make my posts?

  • What colour tape shall I use?

  • What type of post shall I use?

  • What type of line insulator will I use?


Number of Tape Runs

To create that permanent visual and mental barrier for your horses, use these quick and easy guidelines to help provide the right fence for horses on your property:

Number of Tape Runs

Suggested Use

   Three tapes

   Mare and foals

   Small ponies (serial escape artists!)

   Great visual along driveway

   Two tapes

   Internal fences

   Horses over two years of age and above 14 hands

   Extended Height

  (as shown below in Image 2)


   Horses over 17.2hh

Post Spacing

We recommend a maximum of 5m between posts or star pickets. If you are in a particularly windy environment, or high pressure areas such as small yards, we do recommend bringing this spacing down to 4m.

Tape Colour

StockGuard comes in 4 different colours for the tape and most of the fittings. They are exactly the same, just the colour is different. It really depends on your aesthetics which one you would like to use.

The only thing we do often tell people is that you will have this tape in your paddocks for a long time (given the StockGuard 25 year guarantee on the tape) and the white tape is prone to getting grubby long before the green or brown!

Image 1: Coloured Tape in Brown, White and Green (also shows line insulator that can be used for Wooden and Woodshield Posts - F8)


Post Types & Line Insulators

Post type really comes down to your personal preference and what you have avilable. We have fittings suitable for all types of posts including wooden, Woodshield, bare star pickets and our new StockGuard Sleeve. 


Woodshield Posts

Image 5: An example of Woodshield Posts. Click here for more examples.

As with the wooden posts, the most common line insulator that our customers prefer for woodshield posts is the F8 (see Image 1). These can be matched to the colour of the tape you have chosen. The F8 is secured to the wooden post with 2 screws (provided) that just need a cordless drill. Click here to see a spec sheet for Woodshield Posts.

Again, there are 2 alternatives to this coloured fitting, the CR40 and F16V (see Image 3 and 4) however, they both only come in black.


Wooden Posts

Image 2: An example of Wooden Posts

You can see the most common line insulator that our customers prefer for wooden posts in Image 1 above, the F8. These can be matched to the colour of the tape you have chosen. The F8 is secured to the wooden post with 2 screws (provided) that just need a cordless drill.

There are 2 alternatives to this coloured fitting, the CR40 and F16V (see Image 3 and 4) however, they both only come in black.

Image 3: CR40 - alternative line insulator for both Wooden and Woodshield Posts (black only)

Image 4: F16V - another alternative line insulator for Wooden and Woodshield Posts, as well as Poly over Star Pickets (black only)


Poly over Star Pickets

Poly over star pickets can be a good option if you don't have the will or means to dig holes for every single post. Bang in the pickets, cut the poly pipe to length (50mm poly is generally used) and slide over the top of the picket. Enough of the picket is left sticking out of the top in order to secure the StockGuard Cap (Image 7) to the picket, while any lower line insulators (F16V - Image 4) are attached to the poly only.

Image 6: Example of Poly over Star Pickets

Image 7: StockGuard Cap fitted over the top of poly over star pickets (black only)

Bare Star Pickets

(Please note: Our F1 cap is NOT suitable for use on a Waratah Maxi galvanised iron post)

Bare star pickets can be really handy if you just need something quick and easy to set up, and just as easy to pull down and re-use somewhere else. The Stockguard Cap (Image 9) is used for the top run while we have adapted the F8 to fit star pickets for the lower runs. The F8-STAR is pictured in Image 10.

See our handy kits here.


Image 8: An example of Bare Star Pickets

Image 9: StockGuard Cap for top tape run (black only)

Image 10: StockGuard fitting for star pickets on lower tape runs (matched to tape)


Some Extra uses for StockGuard Electric Fencing

  • Paddocks and Yards: StockGuard electric fencing tape allows you to quickly erect temporary structures or more permanent enclosures which can be useful when rehabbing a horse with an injury and they need 'box' rest, or for isolation or quarantine yards.
  • Strip Grazing: StockGuard is useful for creating fencing channels for more controlled grazing plans for pasture.
  • Paddock Rotation: If you have access to large grazing space you can use StockGuard electric fencing tape for effective paddock rotation. Individual areas of turf can be quickly sections off with tape and posts.

Once you know:

  • how many tape runs you will use;
  • what your post spacings will be;
  • what colour tape you will use;
  • what type of post you will use; and
  • what type of line insulator you will use;

and you have a rough plan of the fence you plan to build, you are now ready to Get a Quote!



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  • 40mm electric horse fencing tape and fittings from approximately $1.78 per metre (this is based on wooden posts at 5m spacing with a basic paddock plan of at least 1500m of tape. This is just a ballpark figure.)
  • Backed by 25 year guarantee* on horse fence tape

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