Client Testimonials

Read what our happy customers have to say about StockGuard!

"I just wanted to send you an email to let you know, I had a horse go through several fences last night. It looks like there was a lightning strike in her paddock, and she went crazy, went through 3 fences and broke at least 2 posts. There was tape and brackets everywhere, only 1 strand in some places of the fence lines, it really was a mess.


And all she has on her is a little bit of skin off on her leg. The tape is simply amazing! If it had been any other fencing material, I don’t think the outcome would have been the same as to what it is! I am always raving about the fencing and recommending the fencing to people down here, but this really showed that it really is a good as to what you say! And certainly everybody is going to hear about this! Thank you for the product."


Lucy, VIC (January, 2022)

"Just as an aside, one our young stock was being introduced to rugs the other day, (we rug them with a light, old rug to start them getting used to having something on their backs, handling etc) and a huge gust of wind blew the rug up over her. She spooked and ran through a stockguard fence WITH NOT ONE SCRATCH!! If it had been narrow electric tape or even worse, wire or a pvc line, she'd have been cut to pieces,  so, a very big thank you!"

Rob, NSW (December, 2020)

"We have installed Stockguard electric fencing on 6 horse paddocks, at our property in the Adelaide Hills. The reason my parents chose Stockguard was because they liked the look of the brown tape in the paddocks, as it looks more like post & rail fencing, than other types of electric fencing do.

The reason I wanted it was because it is one of the safest types of fencing for my horses. Our decision was proven correct when we had a massive thunderstorm with lightning one night. My 16.3h thoroughbred had obviously charged into the fence in fear, but thanks to Stockguard, he was totally uninjured, still contained in his paddock and the fence was undamaged.  All we had to do was re-tension the tapes.

Another plus point of the Stockguard system became evident, when we had a contractor in to lime-spread the horse paddocks. The way we have set them out, with raceways etc, made it impossible for him to access the paddocks with his large machinery. This was no problem as we simply unfastened sections of the tape within minutes and refastened and tensioned when he had finished. 

We are all extremely happy with the look of our property having installed the Stockguard tape.  My parents did the installation themselves and could not have been happier with the way it all went together and the technical support from the Stockguard team, as this was the first time they had ever fitted an electric fence of any kind."

Mandy & Daniel, SA (May, 2019)

"We are extremely happy with how our area has turned out - it looks fantastic and we were really impressed with how user friendly it was to install."

B & D Riddle, SA (March, 2019)

“I love StockGuard. Everybody thought I was mad installing StockGuard fencing on our 155 acre horse property. They have all since changed their minds when they saw our young horses with mere scratches after what would usually have been a major fencing accidents. I believe it has saved the lives of at least 4 of my horses.  If I had normal fencing installed I may have lost these horses.  The other plus for me is that I can maintain the fences myself.” 

Lillian, VIC (January, 2019)

"Amazing from the first contact to design to delivery. Was able to install with minimal fuss. Highly recommend." 

Catherine, NSW (April, 2018)

"Really happy with our StockGuard Fencing! An affordable option that was easy to put up and looks great. Was unsure exactly what we needed when we ordered and the assistance given was great and everything we needed was included in the box. Will be using more stock guard in the future!" 

Maddie, SA (May, 2017)

"Great safe product! Super easy to install and the best customer service you could ask for! Thank you David and Jen!" 

Nicole, WA (January, 2017)

"Amazing product and service! I have had so many compliments on the new fence." 

Ella, NSW (June, 2016)

"Our fencing has had quite a bit of neglect over the last 4 years and only yesterday I spent an hour going all the way around, replacing some broken insulators.  It is so easy – just a drill, bucket of insulators and a pair of scissors (great for us women)!  We have quarter horses on a 15 acre block - riding horses as well as a few mares and foals.  I think our fencing has been up for 5-6 years now and in that time there has been plenty of skid marks into the fences and stretched tape, but no injuries at all and all so quick to fix.  We know the heartache of having to put down a horse due to a wire injury, which is why we sourced Stockguard fencing when we were setting up our property.  We love it, our horses love it – very happy."

Mark, SA (July, 2018)

"Just a few words about Woodshield and Stockguard fencing. As a contractor I have come across many different types of horse fencing. I would consider Woodshield posts with StockGuard fencing to be one of the most safest and easy to use products. Both Woodshield and StockGuard are easy to maintain, looks great as a combination and is an extremely safe fence. I would strongly recommend Woodshield and StockGuard to anyone considering new horse fencing."

Pat, VIC (July, 2018)

"Not only is the product well made and easy to put together, the service and planning you get is wonderful. We thoroughly recommend StockGuard Electric Fencing. Our horses and cattle are safe, the wildlife is able to enter and exit our property easily without getting caught in the fences. Cannot think why anyone would have wire fences when you can have electric fences that are safe for horses, stock and wildlife!" 

Julia, SA

"I love our StockGuard fencing. I have seen horses throw legs through fences and not even a hair missing, it's amazing. I will use nothing else but StockGuard now. We have been injury free on our property for 1.5 years. When we had wires we couldn't even go 5 months! Thanks StockGuard!!" 
M Jesse, SA

"I have StockGuard and love it.... it is so easy to install, packs a good boot so the horses respect it, if they DO get into it (I have one that will get caught in seemingly any fence, social thing she is) it will just stretch a bit (the little wires haven't broken so conductivity not compromised) and is so easy to fix up and get back to looking good as new and it's awesome quality and lasts... have previously used the cheaper tapes and they deteriorate.... the StockGuard seems to age very well."

“Having just completed another section of StockGuard installation, I wouldn't use anything else. Easy to put up, looks great, and no concerns about injuries. "Someone" (and I say someone because I have no idea who it was) put their leg through a section last week. The only way I knew was because a section between posts was stretched. A minute later, all tensioned up again, and no skin off anyone. Love the stuff!” 

“I use StockGuard electric tape and I love it. We used timber posts with only 2 strands of StockGuard tape and that keeps 2 horses and a mini pony confined. Have had it for 12 months now, the 2 big horses got out once but they had literally ran through a section somehow, obviously terrified - no injuries though so I would rather that than wire.  It is a wide tape so easily visible, strong but simple to set up and tighten. It does stretch sometimes and every now and then I can see a saggy bit where a horse or roo has hit it but I just turn the electric off and pull it tight.”

“I love StockGuard. Have had legs through and no damage ever... trees fall on it with NO wires broken and it smooths out to look *almost* as good as new - AND I can do it all myself! No difficult strainers etc (although I love and recommend my rubber palmed gloves when pulling it through the tensioners... I get it tighter that way!)”

“I've had StockGuard now for close to 10 years and it still looks very good. Occasionally an insulator will break if a horse had a tangle, out comes a spare and the battery drill, and 5 minutes later it looks like new again. Never even find the culprit as there is never a mark on any of the horses.”

“This is my second property where I have installed Stockguard Fencing. Wouldn't ever have anything else. Yes, it works with rugged horses too - they really respect it, even when it's switched off it still provides a healthy barrier.  I have had two accidents - both during thunderstorms, the tape has been broken and trailed into the paddock, the horses have still been in their paddocks, not a mark on either of them.”

"We had some rain yesterday thankfully, was all a bit dry here and yes the fire was 2 paddocks down so a bit of a worry. I had my own horse get tangled up in the fencing a couple of weeks ago, he had it caught around the top of his hind leg and took out 4 fence posts trying to get out of it, eventually breaking the 4cm tape, huge forces needed to snap the tape I think.  You will be happy to hear that he is now healing extremely well and I think there will be no scar at all.  Had it been wire he most certainly would have had to have been put to sleep.  My vet was highly impressed!" 

Lin, Perth, WA

"Thank you once again for your prompt help with converting my strand wire and stand off fencing. This morning my lovely TB was galloping around a paddock that he wasn't in last night. I rushed down fearing the worst....thoughts of oh my god I hope he hasn't got deep lacerations, severed tendons.......puncture my amazement he had superficial injuries and no lameness. A quick check by the vet and a pain relief and anti-inflammatory cocktail and he's been resting all day. Made the decision easy for me to convert to StockGuard Electric Fencing. I had been waiting to get everything done at once but getting off so lightly meant that the decision was easy. For their safety and my sanity I needed to scrap the fencing we had inherited when we bought our property. I am looking forward to receiving my kit and sweet talking hubby into helping me.....I think he realises how lucky we were so I think he will be just as motivated as me to make the switch!" 

Julia, Nairne, SA

"A tree came down and fell across our StockGuard fence.  After we cleared the tree off we found nothing broken whatsoever, incredible, the fence just needed re-tensioning and we are back in business, great product." 

Carla, Meadows, SA

"Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We just received from you a wonderful box of fantastic StockGuard electric fencing. This is so appreciated and will certainly be put to very good use, we still have a lot of area unfenced after the flood. It will take a while to get it all fixed and electric fences are at the moment keeping our cattle safe. My husbands family settled on our farm 100 years ago this year, he is 66 and this is the biggest, fastest and dirtiest flood he has seen. It has done a lot of damage to the creek, roads and of course fences. No one was hurt, we got our cattle to high ground while it was still daylight and not flooded.  Our hearts go out to the people who have lost so much. It is people like you that make life so great. Thank you, so very much." 

William and Gai, Tansey, Qld

"Just wanted to let you know we got our delivery on Friday afternoon, began Saturday morning and just finished at 6pm Sunday night!!  So easy to assemble and has been a dream to work with. Thanks so much for all your help, I'll be in touch shortly to get a few more tensioners for a bit more we're going to do." 

Carla, Meadows, SA

"Hi guys thought I would drop you a line, have finally started putting up your fencing and am over the moon with it ....... it looks fantastic and is majorly user friendly to deal with.  Thanks again, you have been fantastic to deal with and I will be recommending you to all my horsey mates." 

Janita, Mt Barker, SA

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your fencing product. It is so versatile, with great visibility yet still able to blend into the surrounding environment. The colours of the bi-polar, being green and brown, blend with the surrounding environment, unlike the traditional white or orange tape, yet are highly visible because of the width of the tape. We have found the bi-polar fencing just perfect for us as we get really dry and really, really wet here and we have no problems with earthing, which means the fence is always working at its best! The horses highly respect the fencing, we don't lose any manes or tails to the "good old barb wire" anymore! Thanks for having such a great product." 

Tellena, Gordonvale, Qld

"We love the fence since we put it up we have had no fence injuries at all even though one foal rolled right into it and a mare kicked out and got her leg through. All the fence did was stretch, not even a bit of hair out of place on the horses. I also have it around the stallion paddocks and they respect the fence so much I don't have any problems at all. Fantastic fencing." 

Gabby, Oakford, WA

"StockGuard fencing was recommended to me as I have a horse that insists on getting his leg caught in the fence and injuring himself. Initially we were going to build one paddock, as my husband wasn't confident it would keep the horses in and the cows out. We have been so happy with the fencing (and no more injuries and no animals in the wrong paddocks) and because the StockGuard fencing is so easy and quick to install, we are in the process of removing all other types of fencing (both electric and non-electric) we had used and are replacing it with StockGuard fencing. I cannot fault the product, or the sale and service. David is very helpful in calculating how much each part is required and it is put onto transport without delay." 

Bronnie, Meadows, SA

"Love my StockGuard fencing! Safe for the horses, easy to work with and looks excellent on my farm." 

Carraigin Farm, Southern Highlands, NSW