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These are some of the most frequently asked questions about StockGuard electric fencing:


  1. How much does the tape cost?
    40mm electric fence tape / 4cm electric fence tape from approximately $1.45 per metre including fittings (per tape run)  (click here for link to sample costs).
  2. Where can I buy the tape and fittings?
    Only currently available on line via this website, sent direct from our warehouse to you by courier.  Send us your enquiry / diagram and we'll get back to you with an itemised quote based on your electric fence design (click here for link to enquiry form).
  3. Isn't this type of fencing only good enough for temporary fencing?
    StockGuard electric fence tape is suitable for both permanent and temporary fencing. StockGuard electric fence tape can be used effectively as boundary fencing, to complement existing fencing, as internal paddocks, create laneways, or temporary fencing when you travel (attach to your float) or need to strip graze or allow vegetation to grow unhindered by inquisitive horses (rate your current fence here).
  4. How far apart do the posts need to be for a StockGuard electric fence?
    In general we recommend your posts are no more than 5 metres apart (click here for installation tips).
  5. What colour tape do you have?
    Our electric fence tape is available in brown, green or white (see the colours here).
  6. Do you have all the fittings?
    We are able to provide you with all the necessary components to complete your electric fence. To get the maximum benefit from your StockGuard electric fence we recommend installing the electric fence tape with our fittings (view the components here). See demonstrations of our fittings in the tutorial videos here.
  7. What guarantee do you have on the tape?
    The StockGuard electric fence tape has a 25 year guarantee.
  8. Is it easy to install?
    Yes! It truly is a simple system and has been designed so that once your posts are in the ground the fittings and tape can be installed by either a young female horse owner or your fencing contractor plus everyone in-between! (Click here for installation guide). See examples of how easy StockGuard is to install, maintain and repair in our tutorial videos.
  9. Why use brown or green tape over white?
    Horses have blurred vision and a very limited sense of perspective.  An electric fence that is difficult to see can be a hazard to your horse.  Horses actually see a brown or green contrast much easier than white.
  10. How do I get a quote?
    Just send us a rough diagram indicating your requirements and we'll get straight back to you with a free itemised quote based on your electric fence design (click here for our enquiry form  or  click here for 3 simple steps to getting a quote).
  11. How long will the tape last?
    Some clients here in Australia have had their StockGuard electric fence tape installed for 15 years or more and with regular maintenance it still looks as good as the first day it was put up.
  12. How many tape runs do I need?
    Generally two tape runs will be sufficient but we will make recommendations dependent upon your specific requirements (click here for Fencing Options).
  13. Can I use star pickets / iron posts?
    From a safety point of view we do not recommend the use of star pickets but realise that they serve a purpose and we all have them. We have designed and created the StockGuard Cap, a durable, attractive and UV stabilised cap made here in Australia to provide protection for your horses. The cap can be used either on its own, or over the top of a polypipe sleeve. Learn more about the StockGuard Cap or watch a tutorial video.
  14. Can I use my own fittings?
    To get the maximum benefit from the StockGuard electric fence system we recommend using the fittings which have been designed specifically for use with StockGuard electric fence tape.  (Click here to see StockGuard fittings). See demonstrations of our fittings in the tutorial videos here.
  15. Is the fence breakable? How easy is it to repair?
    StockGuard electric fencing tape is strong enough to resist breaking if a frightened horse attempted to push through the fencing. However, unlike traditional fencing wire, the tape will stretch or break before causing injury to your horses.  Any such gap can be quickly and easily repaired with a splicing buckle/joiner, as shown in this video.
  16. Can I use my own energiser?
    Absolutely and we recommend using one of our connecting cables from your energiser to the electric fence (F59L) to ensure correct conductivity and to get the maximum efficiency from your electric fence (view cable connections here).
  17. What makes this different to other electric tapes?
    The quality of StockGuard electric fence tape is beyond comparison with other inferior quality products currently on the market. The superior tape design, high quality materials used and 25 year guarantee ensure you have peace of mind that your horses are safely contained.
  18. What is bi-polar tape?
    Bi-polar tape is the same quality as our traditional tape.  It has the same number of stainless steel wires but they are concentrated at the edge of the tape next to the bumpers instead of distributed evenly as in our traditional tape.  With bi-polar fence tape because the positive and negative are on the same tape the fence will work whatever the ground conditions are. 
  19. What do people say about StockGuard fencing?
    We'll let the product and the people who have installed StockGuard speak for themselves. (Click here to read client testimonials).
  20. Is StockGuard electric fencing safe for humans?
    If you come into contact with the fencing tape you will receive a strong shock. For most people this will not leave a lasting impact, however extra caution should be used if small children or people with a heart condition are likely to come into contact with the electric fence.  We recommend that you place visible warning signs at regular intervals along the fence.

Please contact us should you have any other questions about StockGuard electic fencing.  We'd love to hear from you and assist with providing superior electric fencing protection for your horses.



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  • Backed by 25 year guarantee* on horse fence tape

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