StockGuard Installation Guides & Tips

We've compiled a some handy tips and guides to help with everything you need for planning and installing your StockGuard fencing!


-- The Basic Items
-- The Posts - Distance Between Posts - How To Set Them
-- How many tape runs to use and what is the best spacing to use between your tape runs - # of tape runs guide.pdf


-- How to install StockGuard Tape - Tape.pdf
-- To Install The Tape From A to B


-- How to install the 3-way tensioner (T buckle) - 3 way tensioner.pdf
-- The F8 Line Insulator: (Brown Green or White)
-- How To Set The F8 Insulator on a Fibreglass Post
-- The Tensioner F36V (for Wood)
-- The T Buckle F36T and The Corner Insulator F45V
-- The Connection Cables F25/26M, F59G, F59H, F59L


-- Crossing under a Gate - Golf Ball Switch F52
-- How to attach tape to a gate handle  - Gate Handle.pdf