The Tensioner - F36V


It is essential to use a tensioner to set and re-adjust the tension of the electric tape, at start and end points, at the gates, and at the corners.

The buckle (F36N) ensures the reconnection of the 10 wires together every time the tape is interrupted, thus controlling its efficiency.

Advantages of setting a tensioner as a corner insulator:

  • Easier to adjust the tension of the tape from one corner to another.
  • The buckle redistributes the current at each corner so that the 10 stainless-steel wires get the same voltage. 
  • The buckle F36N keeps the tape from wriggling inside the Corner Insulator and therefore prevents its attrition.  

To install a tensioner at the corners and at the gate:

1.   Make a straight line at 25 centimetres above ground by stretching a string between the end-posts.
2.   Install the tensionners on each end post using the straight line as a guide for the level of the fence tape.



Removing a tang from the buckle will provide more room to hook the gate handle. 


A perfectly stretched fence tape!


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