Why StockGuard?

StockGuard Electric Fencing is the leading choice for equestrian fencing and is currently protecting 2 out of 3 horses in many countries.  The 4cm StockGuard electric tape (available in brown, green or white) provides an effective physical, visual and mental barrier respected by horses. 

A very cost effective but high-quality fencing option, StockGuard is easy to install and maintain yourself. StockGuard tape is very durable, even in extreme weather conditions, which means your long-term investment is made even better with reduced repairs and maintenance.

StockGuard Fencing is a Visual, Mental and Physical Barrier

It is important that your fence acts as a visual barrier for your horse. Being 4cm thick, StockGuard is easily visible to your horses, and this visual barrier reduces dangerous incidents of frightened horses running through your fences. In the event your horse does run through the fence, StockGuard tape is designed to yield or break without causing injury to the horse.  

Stockguard Fencing is electrified, which means that your horse will receive a zap if they touch the fence. While harmless, this sensation is unpleasant to the horse and they will soon come to respect the electrified fence and not test the boundaries. The electric fence tape is powered by an energiser, which produces constant current pulses. The higher the energy of the energiser, the stronger the delivered pulse.

What is StockGuard made of?

The 4 cm traditional electric tape is made of 10 wires in 30% thicker stainless steel (0.016 inches), no copper oxidation, 29 totally UV resistant polyethylene threads (0.020 inches) and 2 stout bumpers (0.04 inches) at the tape edges that have been added for cut protection and no elongation, making it a stiffer tape (unlike some other brands electric tapes) to increase effectiveness and protect against wear.

Designed to Reduce Wind Resistance

The combination of open weave and thickness of StockGuard tape (much thicker than other brands) allows the wind to pass through the weaving.  Fence tape that flaps in the wind will result in faster wear on the fence.

The tighter the tension on the tape using our tensioners (F36V), the less the tape will flap in the wind. Flapping creates a repetitive friction, ending up destroying the stainless steel filaments that ensure the continuity of the electric flow.

We recommend a maximum of 5 metres between posts. This means fewer attachment locations, but more vulnerability to the wind. In windy areas, we recommend reducing the spacing of the posts.



How does your current fencing rate?

Can you find the poorly maintained fences, hidden dangers lurking in the undergrowth, product deterioration, loose wires ready to trip and trap, barbed wire, rusty posts, tapes tied directly on to the fence droppers containing barbed wire?


Compare the images above to the examples of clean and well maintained StockGuard Electric Fence installations shown below:

Remember that clean paddocks will mean low maintenance expenses and fewer vet bills from those unexpected injuries!

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