Horse Fencing Nambour


Whether you are looking to upgrade, fence new areas or start from scratch on your Nambour property, StockGuard fencing have the experience, knowledge, and products to make the process quick and easy. We understand the terrain and we have the solutions to make your horse fencing cost effective, simple, and most of all safe and effective.


StockGuard is well known for specialising in horse electric fencing, however, the advantage of our fencing system is that it looks amazing, so you don't even need to have livestock for it to be worth your while to use StockGuard. Our product is a great alternative to traditional fencing solutions such as timber post and rail, steel, wire and hinged joint.

When used with Woodshield posts, StockGuard is a very attractive addition to your property. If down the track you then decide to get in any type of livestock, simply electrify the fencing and it will also be safe and secure. StockGuard and Woodshield will work together to ensure that you get an amazing looking fence, along with excellent customer service.


Woodshield Posts

NO rot, NO rust, NO termite/white ant issues, no chemical issues and no disposal issues. Woodshield make a patented, non-treated timber post encased in recycled polymer joining the best of both worlds. The rigidity and strength of timber, with the toughness and resilience of polymer. This increases the strength and the longevity of the post. The posts have a life span of approx. 4-5 times longer than treated timber and a 100% greater breaking angle. This means they will "give" a little rather than crack and snap. They have superior strength and a very, very long life span. The product is weather resistant, can be installed in/around water, easy to handle, safe for animals and standard fasteners can be used. NO Painting and maintenance free and a horse hasn't eaten one yet!!


Nambour Horse Fencing


The StockGuard system is so easy that you and the family can put it up yourselves once the posts are in! Or, we can refer you to a contract fencer in your area.

Imagine how this would look on your Nambour property...



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  • 40mm electric horse fencing tape and fittings from approximately $1.54 per metre
  • Backed by 25 year guarantee* on horse fence tape

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