How to install the Bi-Polar Starter Kit #BP 500



The bi-polar starter kit contains: 1 big box with tape, insulators, tensioners + 1 bag with hardware

The zipper bag contains:
1 Crimping tool,
1Wire Twister,
12 #9 Tensioners,
10 metres of Brown High tension cable,
10 metres of Green High tension cable,
20 #59G,
200 10 cm wire ties,
30 20 cm wire ties,
40 bolts and nuts,
40 long lag bolts (12.5 cm)


#BP1640 12 tensioners #9

Remember the hints: brown with brown and green with green
Never cross colors: green top - brown down
The kit will allow you to set a 2 strands pasture of 250 metres perimeter.
A Joule charger is enough to power this kit.
It is calculated for 4 corners (4 corner posts), 1 solid gate (2 gate posts), and 50 line posts.

Neither the posts nor the gate are provided. Install the fence as a normal electric tape fence with 4 tensioners #9 at the gate and 2 tensioners per corner.
The tensioners #9 do not have metal buckles.

To install the tensioner, 4 holes have to be pre-drilled into the post.
The connections between green tape with green HT cable and brown tape with brown HT cable have to be installed inside the tensioner.
The crimper, #crimp59, has been included into the kit with 20 soft #59G and 66 feet of cable (10 metres x 2) so you can mount your interconnector wires at your desired height.

Another spool of tape #BP1640 can be ordered separately for a longer fence.



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