Uses for StockGuard Electric Fencing

Pen and Paddocks

The ability to create smaller enclosures can be a useful way of controlling livestock. As an example, when dealing with livestock, electric tape fencing can be used to create holding pens. Separate pens can also be useful for isolation or quarantine situations. StockGuard electric fencing tape allows you to quickly erect temporary structures or more permanent enclosures.

Laneways / Strip grazing

Electric tape fences can be used to control access to particular areas or help move animals from one location to another. This can be as simple as creating a lane to move a herd from one paddock to another, or involve the strategic use of tape fencing to create exercise tracks for riding or driving. Many horse owners have successfully used our electric fencing tape to develop effective exercise programs.

Fencing channels can also be used for more controlled grazing plans for pasture.

Small animal enclosures

StockGuard electric fencing tape is suitable for all kinds of small animals including, dogs, chickens, geese, goats, sheep, pigs and rabbits. For many smaller animals a single strand of electric fencing tape can be more than sufficient.

Pasture Rotation

If you have access to large grazing space you can use StockGuard electric fencing tape for effective pasture rotation/strip grazing. Individual areas of turf can be quickly roped off with tape and posts.