StockGuard Fencing is a Visual Barrier


It's important that your fence works as a visual barrier for your horse.  What do you see below? Horses need to see a clearly definted barrier.  There are several wires, tapes and rails available to you but bear in mind that the fence also has to have some form of flexibility to minimise the risk of injury to your horse.  




Horses have blurred vision. The horse can see in a radius of 350 degrees (man sees 180 degrees) but he has poor vision and very limited sense of perspective. His two blind spots are immediately in front of the nose, and directly behind him. An electric fence that is difficult to see can be a hazard to the horse.  A horse's natural instinct is to flee from danger.  A horse might not see or might ignore a smaller obstacle in his flight path.  The 4cm wide StockGuard electrified tape creates that visual barrier.  This visible barrier reduces dangerous incidents of frightened horses running through your fences.  In the event your horse does run through the fence, StockGuard tape is designed to yield or break without causing injury to the horse.  

An example of three tape runs using 40mm brown electric fence tape with wooden posts.



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