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Top tips for fencing installation

Some practical advice and tips to help with planning and installing your horse safe fence:

  • Shop around, do your research and select the right product for your situation.
  • Draw up a plan in advance to ensure your layout works effectively – it’s much easier to change on paper than trying to move several wooden posts at a later date.
  • Use the correct number of tape runs or lines of the product suited to your requirements.
  • Don’t set your posts too far apart.  A maximum of 5 metres between posts is recommended.
  • Design your fence so it is clear of obstructions.  Allow for future growth on trees or vegetation that are planted nearby.
  • Are you going to build the fence (DIY) or get a reliable fencing contractor in to assist?
  • Depending on the type of fence you decide upon, do you have the specialist tools necessary as this will be an addtional expense.
  • Avoid using standoffs and address the issue where possible by creating a laneway or adjusting the height of your fence.

Corner installation is very important so build box corners and consider fencing off your corners to prevent your horses racing into them.

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  • 40mm electric horse fencing tape and fittings from approximately $1.78 per metre (this is based on wooden posts at 5m spacing with a basic paddock plan of at least 1500m of tape. This is just a ballpark figure.)
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