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Earthing / Grounding your electric fence

If your horse is not respecting your traditional electric fence, the majority of times the cause is due to poor grounding or inadequate earthing.  The electric current must complete a full circuit back to the charger through the ground.  Poor grounding gives weak shocks and makes your fence ineffective.

The Fence Doctor recommends:

  • Installing the earth/grounding system as close to the energiser as possible.
  • Ensure the earth/ground stakes are connected to the negative terminal of the energiser with thick wire (may require placement in suitable ground and/or two to five rods connected in series with the thick wire).
  • Make sure the earth/ground stakes are at least 10 metres away from any other mains supply earth, power poles, buried water lines, and other underground utilities such as telephone or power cables.

How do you know if your grounding is sufficient?

Simply touch the ground rod.  If you feel a tingle this means you need to increase the number of ground rods.




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