How can you use StockGuard tape fencing?

StockGuard electric fencing tape can be used for almost every situation where animal or livestock control is important. The fencing tape is portable and easy to install, allowing you to use it for a range of different tasks. Some of these include:

StockGuard for horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas and cattle

Horses will not fight over, chew, rub or lean on a StockGuard fence. For these reasons it is advisable to complete their enclosure in tape by using it for all openings (a tape gate is also far cheaper than a solid gate). Openings can be up to 5 metres wide and the tape gate allows the removal of the animal whilst holding others back in the paddock. A StockGuard fence enables non-compatible animals to live beside each other in safety.

StockGuard 4cm / 40mm tape has a 300kg + breaking strain.

A single tape run is not advisable, only to be used for visual emphasis when used in combination with an existing wire, timber or mesh fence.

Recommended heights using 4cm / 40mm tape:

N.B. Horse vision is different to humans - because they are long-sighted and cannot easily see polyrope, thin tapes or wire and they can see natural colours more easily. White and orange are not natural pigments and are much less visible than brown or green.

StockGuard for other animals: geese, pigs, rabbits, etc.

UV coated garden stakes, fibreglass or timber stakes with pigtails (F17N - temporary insulator ) and 2cm or 1.3 cm tape.

As these animals are well insulated, they will tend to try and escape from the taped enclosure until they have been bitten.  It is advisable to install a training run first until they have received a shock, they will quickly learn to respect the tape and avoid it from then on.

Ostrich, goats, sheep, emu, deer etc.

Three runs of 4cm / 40mm tape and it can be arranged either as:

A powerful energiser is needed in this case.


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