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What to look for in selecting your fence Energiser/Charger

Solar energisers have become acceptable units for most horse owners today given the technological developments and reliability of these units.  The seasonal availability of sun exposure and positioning of the solar panel needs to be considered.

Mains power energisers are equally reliable however may cost a little more to operate with today’s increased cost of electricity.

Battery operated energisers need frequent monitoring to ensure power levels are adequate and it is adviseable to have a back-up, fully charged battery to ensure optimum output at all times.

Tips to ensure you buy the unit most suited to your needs:

  • Calculate the total distance of all the runs/lines in your fence configuration and not just the length of the fence.
  • Select a unit that will allow for future expansion or modification of your layout; you may need to consider a larger unit.
  • Conduct regular maintenance and ensure all connections are tight.
  • Consider the quality of the fence that you are connecting to – how well does it conduct electricity?
  • Ensure you have adequate earthing to maximise the fence’s full potential at all times.  Poor grounding gives weak shocks and makes your fence ineffective.
  • Ground condition – remember that ground conditions may vary throughout the year. As the moisture level of the ground decreases, the ground becomes more resistant to electrical current and more ground rods may be required to provide an effective electric fence.
  • Ideally your energiser should be low-impedance and come from a dependable supplier.


A simplified example showing the correct installation of an electric fence energiser and how it works.



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